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Our Location in the Universe 2022

Space Collage with Pinhole Camera viewing the Sun

Students' Art Works 2022

In-Person Hands-on Art-Making and Astronomy Presentations

Our Location in the Universe is a collaboration project of Art-Pod, Astronomy Studies Group, Burckhalter School, and Project Directors John Panagos/ASG/NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program and JoAnn Gillerman/Art-Pod to create an extracurricular program that provides a hybrid in-person and unique web based, distance learning, astronomy, art, and virtual reality curriculum for K-5 students.

Video, Photographs and Pictures created by:

JoAnn Gillerman, John Panagos and the K-5 Astronomy Studies Group (as credited and listed)


Project Description

Using real and virtual space, fun exercises that combine art, science, culture, technology, astronomy related information, Virtual Reality, and virtual global astronomy sites, Our Location in the Universe curriculum supports the idea of micro to macro, geo-location mapping, and astronomy related curriculum to creatively engage multi-generational and diverse participants in STEAM education, art, science and culture.

At the completion of this workshop, each Student is given a VR Headset so they can see their art works in a short cinematic 360/VR Virtual Reality Video created by JoAnn Gillerman/Art-Pod accessible through this website to the K-5 Astronomy Studies Group students and the public.

Art Projects 2022

Pinhole Camera | Space Collage

Color and Light

Planet Spheres (with Spiral Galaxy)

Virtual Reality (Video)

Special Thanks with Art Projects

Sharon Wheat

Inspiration, Creativity, Support, Materials and Construction, and In-Person assistance of Art Projects

This Project is funded with generous support from

Second Evening Art Interdisciplinary Fund, the Brinker Family Foundation, Rich and Barbara Thompson, Janice Craik in honor of Ken Craik, Susan and Robert K. Boggs, the Astronomy Studies Group, and the Guttman Family Foundation.

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