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K - 12 Astronomy Study Group and Art-Pod Gallery


Our Location in the Universe Project 22

In-Person Collaboration of ASG and ART-POD 2022

Pinhole Camera | Space Collage

3D Planets (Planet Treasure Sphere) | Spiral Galaxy

Works by:

Adrian, Aixa, Arthur, Bailey, Benicio, Benjamen, Chappie, Christian, Hana, Jamari, Juniper, Kai, Logan, Nelson, SonSon, Wren

Space Collage | Pinhole Camera
Planet Spheres

Mercury: Wren, Benicio | Venus: Logan, Arthur | Earth: Juniper, Jamari | Mars: Kai,  Christian   

Jupiter: Benjamin, Nelson | Saturn: Hana, SonSon | Uranus: Aixa, Adrian | Neptune: Chappie, Bailey  

Making | Documentation

Displaying their hand-made 3D Planets

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