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IZMIR International Art Biennial 2013
Seba Art Gallery
Izmir, Türkiye



Video and Installation


Just as the Earth creates new land through volcanic eruptions and lava flows in Hawaii,
so goes a reptilian species laying eggs

at night on a remote beach in Costa Rica.
Elements from within extrude outward as these seemingly unrelated events reveal
processes of growth, destruction and new life.


General Director

2. International Izmir Art Biennial-Curator

Art, not only uses imagination while creating aesthetic objects or environments, but also carries enthusiasm that awakens the joy of living in people's hearts. Art inspires people to express their feelings and thoughts regardless of race, culture and religion. The unique energy of art contributes to world peace greatly. Therefore, societies should always participate in all kinds of art organizations and events wit dedication and perseverance in order to keep the connective and inspiring spirit alive.

Seba Gallery of Art together with the jury and scientific committee have dedicated themselves to bring together these respectable artist from many different cultures and countries who skillfully reveal their artistic identities with their works.

Emel Serdaroglu



The culture of a country is embodied in the existence of the people living therein, in the dimensions of their intellect and in their works of art. This is why the works of the art are the evidence of a society's existence. However, the art becomes enlightened by different cultures other than that of the society's in which it was formed. Thus, art becomes universal, transcends borders and conveys to the world messages peace, empathy and benevolence, grants the individuals a different dimension of a will to live, increases hopes towards the future, peace ad a green planet.

Biennale of Izmir enables us citizens of Izmir to this visual festivity with its participants from many diverse cultures. As John Berger put it, "Seeing comes before words. "Biennale radiates joy, enthusiasm and hope to our Izmir, without necessity of words ...

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