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KILAUEA Pele's Domain

VIDEO (25 minutes)

KILAUEA: Pele's Domain (27 min - visual narrative / non-fiction / experimental / art)
An awe-inspiring natural and powerful event, ends in contemplation and disaster for those who
lost homes, land, communities and uncertainties of their future living on the edge of an active volcano, Kilauea.
Kilauea is one of the worlds most active volcanoes. Kilauea is Pele's home.

Three decades of eruptions of Kilauea, P'u'u'o'o,
Fissure 8 and Kilauea LERZ eruption that started on May 3, 2018

We see our Earth in motion.
And no one knows what's next.

Video shot on location and edited by JoAnn GIllerman © 2018

(Screenings: Sharjah Art Film Platform, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 2019)

Video (25 minutes)

KILAUEA Pele's Domain - Revisited 2019 - on Vimeo (25 min.)

KILAUEA: Pele's Domain - 3 Decades of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii - VIDEO © 2019 (25 min.)

(Experimental multi-layered, multi-image "Documentary")

              Screened: Mirage Cinema, Sharjah Art Foundation Film Platform (festival), United Arab Emirates, 2019


Kiluea-3 decades-500.jpg

KILAUEA Pele's Domain: 3 decades


Mirage Cinema, Sharjah Art Foundation FIlm Platform, UAE, 2019

On-location Video Recording/Documentation/Art -  active lava flows– video, interactive  DVD, NFT, installation
Video Portraits of Active Lava Flows on Kilauea, Volcano, HI: (1991-present) 

     KILAUEA Pele's Domain, Fissure 8 (2018)
    Egg Birth Flow : Lava Flows and Ridley Sea Turtle CU Laying Eggs Juxtaposition (2011)
    Lava Montage: earth fire water air DVD – (2010)
    Interactive Lava Sampler DVD  (2010) gillerm
    Lava - Moon Glow Flow and Sunrise Falls (2009/10)
    Lava Boat – Ginger Anyone? (2008)
    Lava Zilch 2007
    Lava 2002 : Surface Flow, Lava Falls, Spooky Flow, Crater, Pali, (2002)
   Bubbles and Splash – Lava Bench – (2000)
    P’u’U’o’O Crater 1997
    From Above P’u’U’o’O Crater and Skylight 1991
    Volcanic Eclipse – (1991)
    Crater and Skylight -  (1990)


2010 - Gillerman on surface flows and Ocean Entries

2018 - Gillerman recording from helicopter (doors off) 3000' above Massive Lava Flows and Fissure 8

"Five Elements" Digital Print

2018 massive lava flows from air

NFT - VRbits by Hot Lava, Viirtual Reality 2018 Fissure 8 Lava Fountains from Air and Pahoa Skyline lit up by volcano's light

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