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"The New TV Magicians"
Margaret Wertheim Reports

Sydney, Australia, 1983

Jo Ann Gillerman at Metro Television, Sydney, Australia, 1983


"... Metro Television, Sydney's access video center, brought Jo Ann Gillerman, an American video artist, to Australia for two weeks to give workshops and demonstrations in high-tech video. She brought with her the Sandin [Video} Image Processor, which she built herself from circuits diagrams supplied by its designer, Dan Sandin, a researcher at the University of Illinois, Chicago." ...

"Gillerman, who works from Oakland, California, also uses a digital  animation device called Aurora. ... Gillerman is one of several artists who use the studio at Aurora Systems. Being conversant with the technology behind it she is an ideal person to get the maximum out of this versatile new toy."

Caption: Abstract shapes evolve from one another, creating a new medium for artists. American Jo Ann Gillerman produced the sequence (above) and the cube (opposite/below) which "plays" with an image of Gillerman herself. Such techniques devised by the computer in fractions of a second, are revolutionizing TV image-making.

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