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Computer Graphics and Video

PLAY VIDEO (3 min)

Broadcast many times and distributed on Laser Disc; AMAYAKAN/JAPAN, and ACM/Siggraph


Technology meets sensuality as associations of gender are transposed into a yin/yang of unexpected androgyny.
(Sometimes presented as a three channel installation, there are two other videos that accompany this work.)

Video and Computer Graphics: JoAnn Gillerman
Sound: James Gillerman

JoAnn GIllerman © 1985


Video (3 minutes)

The animated fracturing of the orchids was hand drawn frame by frame with a fracturing pattern I designed and created. It was a slow very time-consuming process to get a few seconds of animation, as the computer graphics systems at that time were not really set up for video.  I brought my own video cameras and equipment, live orchids, occasionally a live model and a very early Lyon Lamb Video Animation System to interface with the digital Aurora Video Graphics system to create this fracturing animation. (I sort of created this unique way of working since no one knew how or if this equipment pairing would work) Aurora  was generous to give me overnight access to their beautiful Aurora Video Graphics System (my paint system of choice at that time) at their San Francisco, California facility.

(referred to in Celeste Connor's "JoAnn Gillerman biography)

        ORCHID has been broadcast, shown, exhibited in several forms: computer graphics video, slide installation, and images (computer graphic prints):

         •  Oakland Museum of the Arts, Oakland Museum of California, May/June 1990, Volume 13, number 6 - Video Visions, Electronic Dreams by Liz Kotz

         •  Computer Graphics, Feature Magazine Article & Cover, About the Cover: "Dancing Orchids and Other Art" by Margaret Neal, 

                IEEE Computer Graphics, Year: 1986, Volume: 6, Issue: 12, Pages: 4-7

         •  The S.F. Bay Guardian: After Dark, Sept 18, 1985, Vol 19, No 48 - Full Page COVER:

                Caption: "Jo Ann Gillerman's 'Orchid' is among the video-art tapes being presented by the Mill Valley Videofest"

         •  Artweek 1985, Oct, Vol 16, Number 34, The Mill Valley Festival by Christine Tamblyn, REVIEW:

               " ... Fortunately, JoAnn GIllerman's Orchid, which shows baroquely elegant digitized images of orchids dissolving and reforming indicated

                   that computer graphics systems can be used to produce viable alternatives to "video wallpaper" Christine Tamblyn

          •  WIFV -Made for TV Festival, New England Women In Fiim and Video 1985, Juried/Curated ... screenings of popular and esoteric works ...  

               celebrating the contributions of women to broadcast and non-broadcast television.

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