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Gillerman – Neon Light controls elements on the video screen during live performance  (Kundalini & Baseball and other works), 1990's

Jo Ann Gillerman in Live Performance, Whispers in a Plane of Light,  on her Sandin Video Image Processor/Synthesizer, 1983, Vancouver, B.C.

JoAnn Gillerman, AnArchy pARTyCam, Improvisational Cyber Performance/Interventions

and Cyber Fashion 1993-1995

JoAnn Gillerman in her studio 2001, working on computer imagery and video for Shadow Dance Interactive Eclipse Exhibit

JoAnn Gillerman –during installation of "Chimp Finder",

an outdoors Interactive Exhibit with Live Chimpanzees.

Chimp: Jimiyu   2005

JoAnn Gillerman – Annular Eclipse, NV, 2012

custom mounts, video, solar filter


Jo Ann Gillerman recording/capturing Video, 360/Virtual Reality Video and Photos from Helicopter (doors off, 3000') above Kilauea Volcano during Active Lava Flows, June 6, 2018, Hawaii

GillermanIP-76-bw -lowres.jpg

JoAnn Gillerman in her Oakland, CA studio with her recently built/completed

Sandin Image Processor/Video Synthesizer (IP) c. 1976

The Sun Drops its Torch  

Interactive Multi-channel, Multimedia, floor-sensor controlled Installation

(Blasthaus Gallery, San Francisco, CA)

Gillerman/Terry 1994

Shadow Dance: Interactive Eclipse Exhibit

Interactive Multi-channel, Multimedia, floor-sensor controlled EXHIBIT

(at Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA) Gillerman/Terry © 2001

Floor Sensors (metal/Film transparency/Light/Glass/electronics) , Gillerman © 2001

Orchid (series)   Jo Ann Gillerman © 1985-1986

Computer Graphics, Video, Composite Images in Print, Live Performance, Animation

Volcanic Eclipse Video - Jo Ann Gillerman © 1991

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