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Future Sex

Issue Seven

EROS INterACTive: a real-time interactive kiosk

UI Interface Screen (Gillerman © 1993

Talk Dirty to Me

When artists JoAnn Gillerman and Rob Terry set out to create a patch-work of public opinion on erotica in the techno age, they figured the best way to get folks to open up was with a little seduction. THe result was EROS INterACTive, an electronic kiosk that solicits candid commentary through provocatively pictured help screens that whisper encouragements like "Come play with me: and "Touch me here". Created on the SIlicon Graphics Indy, EROS coaxes users to videotape their own musings about eroticism and interactivity, as well as peek at messages left by other participants. It's user-flirty approach works; when EROS was shown at the New Sensation Exhibiition in San Francisco last fall, over 250 people sounded off in just three days. "We thought this seemed like a good way to have a humanish interface" says Gillerman. Maybe it's easier telling your thoughts to a computer if it haappens to be a smooth talker.

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