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Sydney Morning Herald, No. 45,368, 1983,
Sydney, Australia
"Video for the '80's: Jo Ann Gillerman in Sydney",
by Margaret Werghein

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The Sydney Morning Herald
No. 45,368, 1983
Sydney, Australia
"Video for the '80's: Jo Ann Gillerman in Sydney",
by Margar
et Werghein

Despite the fabulous effects seen on many video clips these days a world of possibilities as yet unheard of by the mainstream of record companies is lurking just under the surface.

Jo Ann Gillerman, a video artist and producer from California, is in Sydney to unveil some of it.

Gillerman, an assistant professor in video art at California College of Arts and Crafts, has been brought out by Metro Television for two weeks to give workshops in high tech video. She works with the latest in video effects equipment, and has brought a unique processor/video synthesizer with her for use in the workshops and demonstrations.

Much of her work is associated with the music clip in images choreographed to a particular particular piece of music.  The music is usually by her brother, James Gillerman, with whom (in conjunction with a third  person) she has a video production company, Viper Optics, in Oakland, California.

Viper is hoping to move into the field of video disc production, an area which hasn't yet taken off in the States but one which Gillerman believes soon will.  In expectation of this, the company is preparing the ground for its own video disc with music by James and Images by Jo Ann.

Until recently, interest in the kind of work Gillerman is doing has been mainly from academic and artistic circles. She was represented in shows at the International Computer Arts Exhibition in Tokyo in 1977 and 1978 and at many galleries and museums in the States.

The commercial field of the record industry, however, has been impressed but reluctant, saying it was too way out to be commercial, but Gillerman believes this is changing.

Gillerman has also ben active as a performance artist, staging audio visual events using live pre-recorded and synthesized video with dancers and other performers.  A highlight has been the fourth and fifth annual Hooker's Ball in San Francisco.

At Metro Television in the Paddington Town Hall tomorrow at 1pm, Gillerman will present a show of some of her recent works which feature both the equipment she has brought with her and other specialized processing devices developed in the US. after the estimated hour and a half of tapes, there will be a talk and time for questions from the audience. From 4 to 5pm, those interested may go to Metro's studio to see a love demonstration of the equipment. 

From next Monday to Friday, workshops will be run at the studio where participants will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the professor and expert tuition from Gillerman. Students form the City Art Institute have already arranged for a special program and proposals from other colleges and interested groups are welcome, as are individuals and spectators. Contact: Metro Television on 33 5318 for details.

Margaret Werghein



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