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This project was a collaboration of Art-Pod with John Panagos and the K-5 Astronomy Studies Group, and others.

We GAVE the pictured VR Headsets to each of these students  on completion of the workshop. This was a field trip to the Solar Calendars, Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, CA.  (This Workshop was primarily virtual during the pandemic 2021, moving safely to hybrid and now in-person.

ArtPod Nonprofit (501c3) brings innovative, experiential and virtual explorations of art, science, culture and technology, for positive impact and experimental ART/STEM/STEAM experiences and education to a multigenerational public, including underserved disadvantaged communities, youth and girls.

CONTINUING OUTREACH ("Social Practice" over many years!)

Art-Pod is a nonprofit (501c3) I formed in 2019-current - we bring experiential art/science/culture/technology for positive impact and STEAM (Art+STEM) experiences and education to the public, including disadvantaged, underserved communities. More information, web-based educational resources specific to our art/science/cultural/tech workshops,  is on Art-Pod website.

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