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Live Performance, Digicon 1983, Vancouver, B.C.
Video: JoAnn Gillerman, Music: Jean Piché

The work was presented at the Digicon '83 computer arts conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Jo Ann Gillerman, Sandin Image processor
Jean Piché, Fairlight CMI, Voice
Jim Whitaker, Live Camera
Gretchen Bright, Model

"Whispers" must be one of the earliest interactive videomusic works on record. A Fairlight CMI sampling computer was used to perform the music and control a Sandin Image Processor through a 16 channel analog control interface."


Whispers in a Plane of Light

Live Video and Sound Performance

Performed Live: Digicon '83, Vancouver, B.C., CADRE '84, CA


Distribution: ACM/Siggraph

WHISPERS IN A PLANE OF LIGHT is a 10 minute live performance using real-time switching. There are no edits in this piece.
The fast cuts are created live through direct correlation of sound and image."My personal interest lies in providing as much visual information as possible to be viewed simultaneously without losing the integrity of the individual images, as well as providing an integral relationship between visual and aural elements. This allows sophisticated imagery to be played in a live context which has been pushed to limits in this piece." (Gillerman '84)


The sound, created on a Fairlight CMI Digital Computer Instrument (played by Jean Piché) was directly controlling - with manual over-ride -
the visual switching of four different video sources (including 2 cameras on a model and computer graphics) all being controlled live by Gillerman on her Sandin Image Processor  (a patch-programmable analog video processor/synthesizer that she built in 1975).

One might say it was a substitute for an early version of MIDI before MIDI existed!

Video / Computer Graphics / Video Processing in Live Performance: JoAnn Gillerman
Music in Live Performance: Jean Piché

JoAnn GIllerman © 1983-1984


Video (10 minutes)

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