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As a Professor (educator) and Artist working at the intersection of Art, Science, Culture and Emerging Technologies- I've been invited to speak, write, do workshops, and show work nationally and internationally.

I'm a tenured professor, teaching STUDIO ARTS at the California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts/CCAC/Oakland/CA) in San Francisco, CA for nearly 50 years – since 1976. I've also taught in several other Art Colleges/Universities in and around the Bay Area. I've done many workshops and presentations nationally and internationally. I teach multi-level courses that are eclectic and diverse, creative "out of the box" mixing art, computers, video (digital/analog), emerging media, immersive technologies, installation in a fine arts context - and integrations of art, science, culture/tech.  


Over a lot of years, classes have included (but not limited to) Analog and Digital Media Arts, Video production/post, Multimedia Installation, Video/Film, Immersive/Cinematic 360/Virtual Reality, New Media Arts and Design, 4D, Emerging Media and Technologies, Video Synthesis, Game Arts, Interactive Narrative and Storytelling, Upper Division and Core level Interdisciplinary integrations of Art/Science/Culture/Technologies … and random others.

As an academic, I give presentations, (hands-on) multimedia workshopss and speak about my work, but also about integrating art/science/culture and emerging technologies at varied venues:  symposia, conferences, learning organizations, cultural centers - nationally and internationally.

OUTREACH | SOCIAL PRACTICE: (selected projects)

Throughout my arts career I have tried to creatively apply my unique skills for mentoring and engaging  those less fortunate and support "causes" that I hope lead to a more ethical equitable world.

Hey, Listen Up! An Urban Eco Literacy Project on Environmental Racism/Justice, Watts/Compton, LA, CA (1997)

This collaborative project — co-produced by Jo Ann Gillerman and Belvie Rooks — was sponsored by Carl Anthony, Urban Habitat Program of Earth Island Institute, San Francisco, California. We developed a curriculum for urban environmental literacy related to South Central Los Angeles region.  I gave hands-on workshops in Multimedia and directed production of Hey, Listen Up! interactive CD-ROM created in part by the participating group of high-school students. On completion of the on-site portion of this project, we sponsored four participating summer interns of this Eco-literacy Project in South Central Los Angeles to Berkeley, California, for a reception and special showing of the Hey, Listen Up! interactive CD-ROM at the African American Studies Program, UC Berkeley.

ELECTRO-HEALING Interactive Installation (1993)

An interactive Installation, directed by Jo Ann Gillerman/Professor, with a selection of individual works of participating students in the New Media Class, was accepted/exhibited in Tomorrow's Realities Art Show, Siggraph, 1993, Lost Angeles, CA. I traveled with a diverse group of students of the New Media Class to Los Angeles to install and exhibit these works on an international stage in the "real world".  Electro-Healing is a virtual environment that we believe is cross-cultural, deals with some relevant political and social issues in a refreshing way, and is technologically unique and friendly for its participants. (more about Electro-Healing)

Presentations/Workshops, Astronomy Studies Group, Burckhalter Elementary School, Oakland, California  (2017-2022)

  • "Science Night" introducing very young students and their parents to Virtual Reality in an Art/Science context. (2018)

  • Presentation on Eclipses (and volcanoes on request of the teacher) to the (after school) K-5 Astronomy Studies Group included hands-on workshops creating "pin-hole" cameras for safe-viewing of the sun, prior to 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, that was partial in California. (2017)

  • I continued to work with the K-12 Astronomy Studies Group, students vary each year, who formed the core group for the Art-Pod/nonprofit's collaborative projects: "Our Location in the Universe" (2021-2022)  (more about these projects)

Published writings by Jo Ann Gillerman

•  Electro-Healing Interactive Environment -Tomorrow's Realities, Published: ACM/Siggraph/1993

•  A Look at Siggraph '97,  Published: YLEM Journal, Volume 17, Issue 12, 1997 – (YLEM: Artists using Science and Technology)

•  Some thoughts about Wearable Computers | Einige Gedanken über Wearable Computer, Author: JoAnn Gillerman,

   International Symposium for Wearable Computers in Heidelberg, Germany - Published: Voices of the Street, Berlin, Germany (on-line 2017)


California College of Arts and Crafts

Office of the President

September 4, 1997

Ms. Jody Gillerman

Dear Jody,

Just a quick note of congratulations on the spread in the recent San Francisco Focus Magazine. It was wonderful to see your work recognized in this way, and CCAC is proud to recognize your accomplishments. You have given me some wonderful materials in the last few years. Congratulations upon the great progress of your professional career!



Lorne M. Buchman


cc  Dean of Fine Arts


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