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Amiga Does SIGGRAPH '86
by Wendy Peterson

There is an uncomfortable feeling among the old-timers in high-end computer graphics, those who attend SIGGRAPH year after year. The feeling is that the proverbial shot has been heard around the world ...

The source of the blast? An upstart, a low-cost personal computer, no less! The Amiga was used to create a live, video performance at SIGGRAPH's Electonic Theater. That's right folks, live.

In the midst of an annual event designed to pay homage to computer graphics generated on big, sophisticated, expensive (try $30K and up) mainframes, there was video artist JoAnn Gillerman with her Amiga, Genloc, LIVE! Frame-Grabber, Deluxe Video, camera, dancer, neon lighting, three 20 foot projection screens.

The SIGGRAPH crowd has never been presented with a live performance (the muscle-bound big computer take minutes to hours just to generate a single frame). A nimble computer like the Amiga has rarely even turned heads at a meeting of the big guys in computer graphics.

We are talking about one hell of a significant event, and all proud Amiga owners and developers should know about it.

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